About Us

Valerie KingElemental Editing is a freelance editorial service specializing in the writing and editing of documents of all types across a wide spectrum of applications. Specifically, our writing and editorial services apply to:

  • Manuscripts
  • Proposals
  • Newsletters,
  • Press releases
  • Book reviews
  • Magazine articles
  • Resumes
  • User manuals
  • Corporate and not for profit communications
  • Marketing materials
  • Federal technology documentation
  • Educational training materials
  • Academic papers
  • Civil engineering journals
  • Book reviews
  • Blog and web copy

With the trained and practiced eye of Elemental Editing you can rest assured your written record(s) will stand the test of time as the polished documents you want them to be. Our thorough and steady methodology will ensure the highest standards of grammatical and contextual excellence. We know and use many editorial styles including the MLA, the Chicago Manual of Style, and the APA to name a few. We keep abreast of the industry with classes and memberships in affiliated organizations to maintain up to the minute context.